Board Certified for twenty-one years

  • Defended two Death Penalty cases.  Part of team that obtained a life sentence for one defendant.  Watson has been handling serious criminal cases for twenty-nine years.
  • Watson often helps people (at no cost) who are charged with serious criminal cases who cannot afford to hire a good lawyer.

"Second Chance" Program to help young offenders avoid a criminal history

  • Watson will begin a “Second Chance” program for some non-violent offenders. He will help them find real jobs, & get job training or begin the next level of education.  Currently, ANY felony probation can stay on a person’s record FOREVER. Two years working is one hundred times better than two year’s probation.  After two years working and staying out of trouble, the individuals's case will be dismissed and expunged.  
  • Low-level offenders will not sit in jail because they cannot afford to pay for bond. (8th Amendment, Bill of Rights, 1791)